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Technical publications . . .

0. Progress in Causal digital twins - a whitepaper; PG Madhavan, 2021.

1. Theory and estimation techniques for Random Field Theory and "Theta" with practical applications:
Instantaneous Scale of Fluctuation Using Kalman-TFD & Applications in Machine Tool Monitoring,
PG Madhavan, SPIE Proceedings, SPIE Vol. 3162, pp. 78-89, 1997.

2. Theory and estimation techniques for time-varying spectra:
Kalman Filtering and Time Frequency Distribution of Random Signals,
PG Madhavan & WJ Williams, SPIE Proceedings, SPIE Vol. 2846, pp. 164-173, 1996.

3. Spatial frequency spectrum at a point in space:
Directional spatial frequency distribution of two dimensional signals,
DE Hollinberger & PG Madhavan, SPIE Proceedings, SPIE Vol. 2846, pp. 273-283, 1996.

4. Artificial neural networks and prediction:
A New Recurrent Neural Network Learning Algorithm for Time Series Prediction,
PG Madhavan, Journal of Intelligent Systems, Vol. 7, pp. 103-116, 1997.

5. Computational neuroscience and brain theory:
A Computational Perspective of the Hippocampal Place Cell Phenomenon,
PG Madhavan, Journal of Medical & Life Sciences Engineering, Vol. 13, pp. 1-11 1994.

6. Whitepaper on Social-Mobile-Cloud software framework and implementation lessons learned:
PG Madhavan, pp. 1-7, 2012.

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"Generalized DYNAMICAL Machine Learning"PG Madhavan, 2016.