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PG's Data Science/Analytics blogs . . .
Machine Learning Ontology A new insightful way to organize Machine Learning algorithms.
In-Stream Analytics, ADAPTIVE Machine Learning & an enduring solution architecture! -         Generalization from past experience AND results of new action.
ADAPTIVE Machine Learning - Algorithms for emerging category of ML business use cases in “In-             Stream Analytics". 
Future of Analytics – YouTube video 30-minute presentation.
Data Science-driven industrial revolution – what next? Answer: “EaaS”! - Social consequences of       Data Science revolution.
Enterprise Data Science and Social Physics: CEO Challenge - How to use Data Science inside and     outside the org.
Commoditization of Machine Learning Difference between B2B and B2C apps that use Data               Science.
Prediction – the other dismal science? Pitfalls of prediction and Predictive Analytics.
BIG Data & Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning . . . random insights! - Dozen bite-size               insights on multiple aspects of Data Science.
Data Science for Business: Why & How? - Significance of Data Science to businesses.
Independent Analytics Vendor (IAV) – a new vendor category? - A new business model for               Analytics business.
Essence of Machine Learning? - Analytics made dirt-simple.
Intelligence Augmentation – Some thoughts on Retail Applications - IA and AI.
Future of Analytics – a definitive Roadmap - Full roadmap into spatio-temporal analytics.
“IA not AI” in Retail Commerce – Enhanced Tanpin Kanri - Role of IA in Retail
PG's NEW book . . . "SYSTEMS Analytics"
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