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About Dr. PG Madhavan . . .

PG has 20+ years of software products, platforms and framework experience in leadership roles at major corporations such as Microsoft, Lucent, AT&T and Rockwell and startups, Zaplah Corp (Founder and CEO) and Solavei. Recently, he was CTO & VP Engineering for Solavei LLC and Associate Vice President--Technical Advisory for Global Logic Inc. Application areas include Analytics, mobile, Cloud, eCommerce, banking, retail, enterprise, consumer devices, M2M, digital ad media, medical devices and social networking in both B2B and B2C market segments. 

He is an innovation leader driving invention disclosures and patents (12 issued US patents) with a Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering. He has been in the past a faculty member in Electrical Engineering and Neuroscience at various universities including University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Waterloo University.

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Short-term consulting in Big Data Analytics algorithm development for complex business problems.
Fields of Application: Retail commerce, Digital advertising, Industrial & Residential IoT, Insurance and more.

What JIN brings to your business:
PG is an “algorist” in the true sense of the word; develops algorithms to solve ANY business problems using any statistical and mathematical data analysis techniques evidenced by -
  (a) his track-record – a summary list on PG's LinkedIn profile       
(b) his recent Unification of Machine Learning ML algorithms.
• He is a HANDS-ON algorithm developer. As Chief Analytics Officer at Syzen Analytics, Inc., he developed ALL the algorithms by himself and after testing, hands over to the Algorithm team to harden and scale the business solution.

What you can expect from a consulting engagement:
Solution for any pressing business problems that you have.
Collaborate with your domain expert and understand the “big data” available within your business.
A workable Product solution in 3 months.
Your staff harden the solution for another 3 months resulting in a ready-to-release product or feature in 6 months.

PG Madhavan, Ph.D. - Credentials relevant to the Consulting Offer
Analytics expertise developed as EECS Professor, Computational Neuroscience researcher, Bell labs MTS, Microsoft Architect and at multiple startup. Leader of several small and large (50 to 100-person) software product development teams. 12 issued US patents.
Major Original Contributions:
  oComputational Neuroscience of Hippocampal Place Cell phenomenon related to the subject matter of 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine.
  oRandom Field Theory estimation methods, relationship to systems theory and industry applications.
  oEarly Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2.5G/EDGE and Ultrawideband wireless technology standards and products.
  oSystems Analytics bringing model-based methods into current analytics practice.
  oFour startups with two as Founder.