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About Dr. PG Madhavan . . .

PG has 20+ years of software products, platforms and framework experience in leadership roles at major corporations such as Microsoft, Lucent, AT&T and Rockwell and startups, Zaplah Corp (Founder and CEO) and Solavei. Recently, he was CTO & VP Engineering for Solavei LLC and Associate Vice President--Technical Advisory for Global Logic Inc. Application areas include Analytics, mobile, Cloud, eCommerce, banking, retail, enterprise, consumer devices, M2M, digital ad media, medical devices and social networking in both B2B and B2C market segments. 

He is an innovation leader driving invention disclosures and patents (12 issued US patents) with a Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering. He has been in the past a faculty member in Electrical Engineering and Neuroscience at various universities including University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Waterloo University.

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PG is a technology & business native grown up within multiple careers as Startup Founder, Corporate Officer, technology leader and university professor . . . focus narrowed to Customer Solutioning.

Related first-hand Solutioning Experience:
• Industrial – equipment monitoring & predictive maintenance (Rockwell Automation)
• Manufacturing – fault diagnosis (GE Aviation)
• Software – M2M pub-sub middleware (Global Logic)
• Retail – product shelf assortment (Syzen Analytics)
• CAUSALITY – graph-model based (NEC startup)

Recognized as a “Rock Star” data scientist in 2016 by Data Science Central (the largest Data Science website on the Internet)
Wireless technologies at Microsoft (Windows Wi-Fi, BT, UWB) & Lucent (smartphone chipsets & software)

Customer Solution Consulting in the area of IoT + AI + 5G for ManTech, AgriTech, …

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