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Network Dynamics & Coupling:  Shannon's reverie resprised . . .
A speculative blog linking Random Fields and network dynamics!

Unifying Machine Learning to create breakthrough perspectives
In all of the existing ML bags of tricks, we are still staying at the surface level! We are modeling the attributes or data DIRECTLY. What if we went one level deeper? Model the SYSTEM that generates the data! Syzen Analytics, Inc., takes such an explicit approach in what we call “SYSTEMS” Analytics” which has already demonstrated significant value in business applications.

“IA not AI” in Retail Commerce – Enhanced Tanpin Kanri
Enhanced Tanpin Kanri is a specific example of Intelligence Augmentation.. . . Big Data & Analytics can provide a significant leg-up . . . by providing data-driven predictions that they can safely rely on and improve incrementally. In a highly competitive low-margin business such as fast moving consumer goods retail, pioneering use of IA in their operations will determine the winners.

Parlor Games, Compressive Sensing, Data Analytics . . . & small BIG Data?
"Using the linear programming approach and minimizing the l1-norm, we are able to reconstruct the other 93% missing entries! . . . Knowing which shoppers visit a specific store location, Retailers can assay their spends and stock their shelves appropriately. The applications are virtually limitless. APRIL19, 2013

What does Emergent Properties in Network Dynamics have to do with Shopping? 
. . . Facebook connected us in a vast network - this is only a first step. The deep reason for the fascination with social networking can be understood from the shopper example. Shoppers are enmeshed in an ever-changing network of social interactions and preferences; desirable behavior can be made to emerge by perturbing the interactions within the network. OCTOBER 12, 2012

Social Network Theory
. . . Scale-free refers to the nature of some networks where its diameter (average # of links to reach a node from the present node; remember six degrees of separation between people) is mostly unchanged as the network grows in size. APRIL 2, 2012

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